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The researchers directly funded by the GloBioTrends project or the persons mainly working for the project are shown below. The core resarch group works at the Geography Research Unit of Oulu University in Finland.

























This project is based on collaboration with dozens of researchers from across the world. Click here for the countries and cities where our collaborators work.

Prof. Luis Mauricio Bini (Brazil), Prof. Núria Bonada (Spain), Dr. Sami Domisch (Germany), Prof. LeRoy Poff (USA), Dr. Janne Alahuhta (Finland), Dr. Cecilia Brand (Argentina), Dr. Yongjiu Cai (China), Prof. Marcos Callisto (Brazil), Dr. Giovany Guevara Cardona (Colombia), Dr. Diego Castro (Brazil), Dr. Kai Chen (China), Dr. Julie Crabot (France), Dr. Zoltán Csabai (Hungary), Prof. Joseph Culp (Canada), Dr. Thibault Datry (France), Dr. Majida El Alami (Morocco), Dr. Andrea Encalada (Ecuador), Dr. Luis Epele (Argentina), Dr. Fabio Cop Ferreira (Brazil), Dr. Pablo Fierro (Chile), Dr. Mathieu Floury (France), Prof. Nikolai Friberg (Norway), Dr. Brian Gill (USA), Dr. Juan David González-Trujillo (Colombia), Prof. Peter Haase (Germany), Dr. Mouna Hafiane (Algeria), Dr. Matthew Hill (UK), Prof. Jan Hjort (Finland), Dr. Robert Hughes (USA), Prof. Sonja Jähnig (Germany), Dr. Xiaoming Jiang (China), Prof. Leandro Juen (Brazil), Dr. Jonathan Jupke (Germany), Dr. Ana Paula Justino de Faria (Brazil), Dr. Phil Kaufmann (USA), Dr. Ben Kefford (Australia), Dr. Mathias Kuemmerlen (Germany), Dr. Jennifer Lento (Canada), Dr. Zhengfei Li (China), Dr. Raphael Ligeiro (Brazil), Dr. Marden Linares (Brazil), Dr. Alain Maasri (Germany), Dr. Diego Macedo (Brazil), Dr. Richard Marchant (Australia), Dr. Kate Mathers (UK), Dr. Andrés Mellado-Díaz (Spain), Prof. Adriano Melo (Brazil), Dr. Djuradj Milosevic (Serbia), Dr. Maria Laura Miserendino (Argentina), Dr. Nabor Moya (Bolivia), Dr. Cesc Múrria (Spain), Dr. Sue Nichols (Australia), Dr. Georg Niedrist (Austria), Dr. Félix Picazo (Spain), Dr. Camilo Roa-Fuentes (Colombia), Dr. Robert Rolls (Australia), Dr. Fabio Roque (Brazil), Dr. Albert Ruhi (USA), Dr. Victor Saito (Brazil), Dr. Leonard Sandin (Sweden), Prof. Ralf Schäfer (Germany), Dr. Alberto Scotti (Italy), Dr. John Simaika (South Africa), Prof. Tadeu Siqueira (Brazil), Dr. Jonathan Tonkin (New Zealand), Dr. Francisco Valente Neto (Brazil), Prof. Beixin Wang (China), Dr. Jun Wang (China), Prof. Paul Wood (UK), Prof. Zhicai Xie (China), Prof. Liubov Yanygina (Russia).

Dr. Jani Heino works at the Geography Research Unit of the University of Oulu. His research ranges from biogeography and landscape ecology to management, monitoring, restoration and conservation of natural systems. Publications: here 

MSc. Henna Snåre is a researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute. The main topics of her PhD thesis research are alpha, beta and gamma diversities, and how diversity patterns are shaped by local environmental, catchment, climatic and historical features in river basin across the world.


Dr. Jorge García-Girón is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of León, Spain, but is strongly focused on the GloBioTrends project. His main foci in this project will be phylogenetic trees of aquatic macroinvertebrates, and modelling phylogenetic and functional diversity. Publications: here

Kuvia  103.jpg

Dr. Marja Lindholm is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu. Her main duties in the GloBioTrends project centre on analysing spatial and temporal beta diversity of stream macroinvertebrate communities and beyond.Publications: here



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