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05/10/2022. Marja Lindholm will start as a post doctoral researcher in the project next Monday.


30/07/2022. The project will move to the Geography Research Unit of the University of Oulu as of August 15th, 2022.


28/04/2022. Owing to the challenging global situation, research related to the project has delayed a little more. We will do our best to proceed as soon as possible.


07/09/2021. An update for the GloBioTrends project. We have set preliminary dates (i.e. late December 2021) by which you can expect to get at least one manuscript for your comments. There have been delays owing to the global situation, but we have done good progress here anyway. From now on, we will mostly use this outlet for project updates, as sending dozens of emails at the same time will result in too many of them bouncing back to the sender.


25/08/2021. An update for all people involved in this project. The core group has been proceeding with the first two case studies for the project. We had to wait for environmental data for a little while, but everything is in a good shape now. We will contact you later in the autumn when it comes to further news.


16/02/2021. We are finishing the collation of datasets for this project and are looking forward to beginning working on the first two case studies.


06/01/2021. Happy New Year! We are finishing the collation of datasets for the first two case studies in this project and assume we can start analyzing data by early February.


27/11/2020. The website for the GloBioTrends project has been launched today. Stay tuned for further information regarding this ongoing project.


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